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Linsheng-Performance Of Portable Jump Starter

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    December 1, 2019 9:58 PM EST

    The portable car jump starter is a very convenient emergency device for car or truck owners. Generally, if your car's battery is dead (that is, its charge level is significantly lower than the operating voltage), you must call a roadside helper or cheer the passing vehicle, and then start the vehicle quickly. With a portable jump starter, you can start your car in minutes. Therefore, a portable car jump starter is an essential emergency device in your car.


    Portable car jump starters use batteries, which also makes them useful as emergency power sources. Remember not to drain the battery too much. It's best to use your car's starter to charge your phone only when absolutely necessary, so that in case of an emergency the starter won't run out of battery or not enough startup attempts.


    There are many important, but not obvious, factors that must be considered when evaluating a car starter, and are not suitable for conventional mobile power. One of them is an audible reverse polarity alert. This will alert you if you place jumper clips in the wrong order. Similarly, high-quality jumper clips are absolutely necessary.


    Another important criterion is to enable Amps. We consider the 350 amp starting current (700 amp peak current) to be the absolute minimum required to reliably start a vehicle with a severely discharged battery. But the jump starter is another matter, and the jump starter is first and foremost the jump starter-it is secondary to use as a mobile power source, it is almost irrelevant.


    Reliable and repeated jump start and long-term charge retention are other important criteria. We have carefully compiled a list of jump starter products that meet all our criteria.


    Linsheng   is an excellent China company and supplier specializing in the production of  jumping starters. Have its own laboratory and the most advanced testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality. For details, please consult: