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  • March 25, 2020 2:10 AM EDT

    The road to Sochi appears to be looking better for Team Canada winger Steven Stamkos, who received encouraging news from the results of Thursdays X-ray on his injured leg. Mike Tauchman Jersey . Stamkos suffered a broken leg 10 weeks ago and continues to rehab in hopes of returning to the Tampa Bay Lightning lineup before the Olympic break. As a result of the positive feedback from the X-ray, Stamkos will continue to ramp up both on- and off-ice workouts. All sides are hopeful Stamkos will return for two or three regular season games prior to Olympics. The Lightnings final game before the Olympic break is just over two weeks away on Saturday, February 8 against the Detroit Red Wings. CC Sabathia Jersey . Today, well look at five frontcourt players today, here from the Bay Area. 1. AMIR JOHNSON (Raptors): I cant figure out what the issue or problem is, but based upon what Im seeing, hes not right. Aaron Judge Jersey . Ryan Callahan trade talks caught a lot of people off guard. Details are now emerging about why the Rangers would consider such a move. Darren Dreger: He wants a lot of money. Its been widely reported that Callahan is looking for a seven-year term around $6 million per year. That is not accurate. Im told that it is more than $6.The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. Considering they had the best win-loss record in the regular season, the two best teams are playing on February 1. It is amazing to think Seattle led for only 71 seconds in the NFC championship game, gave up five quarterback sacks to maybe the quarterback that is the most difficult to sack, had five turnovers and still won. To say they did not play their best game is an obvious understatement but it may have been the best thing to happen to them going into the Super Bowl. Seattle was humbled. They were humbled by a Packers team that came out focused and ready, but also humbled by their own inept performance. In the most important game of the year that the Seahawks played, they had their worst game of the year - maybe in the last three years. It wont happen again. The video will be reviewed, graded, critiqued and concluded. Player grades will be handed out and filed and no one will be content. Theyll be exhilarated and thrilled at winning but concerned at the previous events. Good teams and good players are just that because they dont make mistakes twice. They learn and become possessed by not repeating the agony and only accepting the ecstasy. Too dramatic? Not really. Players, coaches, everyone gets paid outrageous amounts of money to play this sport and the price is that you accept and have to handle pressure. And sometimes the biggest pressure is to respond from a terrible game with a great game. Football is week-by-week and the conclusion that is made is youre either regressing or progressing. Seattle regressed last week and I cant see it happen two weeks from now. For New England, its the complete opposite. They need to stay humble as they are coming off a completely dominate performance over Indianapolis. But then again, maybe its not even an issue, as Bill Belichick is the master at keeping egos under control. Yes, excellent in plays, adjustments, personal, preparation, and explanation, and second only to God himself, but his greatest asset is that he keeps players off balance. His expectations are so high you will never be able to complete the journey as individuals because as he said about 10 minutes after the winning the AFC championship; were on to Seattle. Belichick now has more playoff wins than Tom Landry with 21, and he is just like Landry. Michael King Jersey. There is no one I respect more than Landry in football and my greatest regret in my athletic career is that I did not play longer and better for him as a player and as my boss. Belichicks personality and coaching is so similar to Landrys, with an all-encompassing business demand, every time I see Belichick I see Landry . Do they care for players? Yes, but they have their favorites and that is human nature. You become a favorite only when you perform. Brandon Bostick is now a name no Packers fan will ever forget. He is a young, second year player from Newberry Collage (I have no idea where Newberry is) who made a mistake - a big one. His job based on the trajectory of the onside kick is to block, not catch. Jordy Nelson was right behind him ready to catch and the truth is that the execution of the onside kick receiving team for Green Bay was perfect. The ball went right to Nelson and the actual kick was average at best and if Bostick had done his job, Green Bay in all probability would be moving on. But for an unknown reason he abandoned his assignment and made a play on the ball. The really sad part is he will never be forgotten and for some not forgiven. It will haunt him for a long, long time. The assignment always takes priority when youre protecting the football. He made an evaluation mistake and you have to have some degree of empathy for the kid. Yes, he tried to be the hero but messed it up. So it begins. Two weeks of constant analytical conversation and associated entertainment that will be incessant. It really is something to behold, that an event of such insignificance can be blown so out of proportion. And I say that with no disrespect but quit the opposite, that whether you live in Canada or the United States you have the freedom to associated whatever urgency you wish to the Super Bowl. Not all do. This should be a great game because of the talent level on the field, time to get ready, and the unknown effect of the time to get ready. And I know many would like to eliminate the extra week of hype but with that week we may see Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. Without it I doubt we would. Best vs Best. The way it should be. 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