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Pet Preform Making Equipment Routine Maintenance

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    November 8, 2018 9:07 PM EST

    In the process of making Pet Preform Mould, mold manufacturing equipment is an important part of mold quality control. Work equipment operators should perform routine equipment maintenance. The choice of mold tooling equipment should ensure the accuracy of the mold. Jilian Plastics Co., Ltd. is equipped with the best machine tools, we import tools and equipment from Japan and Italy. Our precision wire cutting tolerances can reach 0.5 microns.
    Second, the quality of the mold steel and standard parts should be strictly controlled to avoid more waste in the mold manufacturing process.
    Inspection is very important in the mold manufacturing process. Inspection includes steel inspection, design inspection, tooling process inspection, and mold assembly inspection. For some high precision molds, we will use three coordinate detection after each machining process is completed.
    Mold testing is also a good way to control quality. When the mold is ready for shipment, we will run each mold for more than two hours of simulated production so that if there are any problems, we can find and fix the mold before it is shipped to the customer's factory.
    In a fast-developing society, only good quality is not enough. Customers are also pursuing a fast delivery model. As the saying goes, Jilian Plastics has a strong and experienced engineering team to follow up on each project. They update the manufacturing status of Pet Preforms every 10 days. When mold manufacturing faces some difficulties, experienced engineers can provide the best in time. The solution can save a lot of time.