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Uht Sterilization Is More Suitable For Milk Production Line

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    December 5, 2018 8:58 PM EST

    High temperature short-time pasteurization has become one of the most commonly used pasteurization methods today. This is more often referred to as rapid pasteurization, or "continuous process." Pasteurization destroys pathogenic microorganisms in dairy products such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, mold and yeast to reduce bacterial levels and provide safe products to the public. The UHT Milk Machine uses a stainless steel heat exchanger plate with the product flowing on one side and the heating medium flowing on the other side, raising the milk temperature to at least 161 °F (72 °C) for at least 15 seconds* and then cooling rapidly. If the dairy product has a fat content of 10% or higher, or a total solids content of 18% or higher, or if an added sweetener is included, the specified temperature should be increased by 5 °F (3 °C). High temperature pasteurization
    Why is high temperature sterilization the preferred method?

    High temperature short time pasteurization is an ongoing process that effectively kills microorganisms in dairy products. The UHT pasteurization system is a modular unit that includes plate and frame heat exchangers, stainless steel balance tanks, pumps, insulation tubes, valve lines and controllers. The barrel pasteurization method, or retention method, is the oldest method of food pasteurization. However, over the years, UHT has gained favor in the food industry for a variety of reasons:

    Large device capacity allows one large capacity
    Continuous process allows bottling to begin at the beginning of pasteurization
    High energy efficiency
    Minimal possibility of damage to dairy products
    Make full use of regeneration
    Easy to clean and disinfect equipment
    Thermophiles are not so troublesome

    Do I need a high temperature sterilization system?

    The amount of dairy product that passes through the pasteurized Milk Production Line every day will determine whether UHT pasteurization is right for you. If there is too much processing in a processing plant, the continuous method will be the most economical and successful option. Since UHT pasteurization requires more ingredients, it may be more expensive than retention.